PTS & BINDER tecsys

PTS and BINDER tecsys

A Strong Company Group.

BINDER tecsys

The close cooperation between the two companies PTS Präzisionsteile GmbH (Gemmingen) and BINDER tecsys GmbH (Pforzheim) provides valuable synergy effects as well as economy of scale advantages - advantages that we can pass on to our customers.

For example, through our company group we are able to eliminate unnecessary coordination processes already at the development level resulting in reduced development costs for customer-specific assemblies. In addition, we can optimally coordinate production processes of assemblies being manufactured in both companies - thus giving us the possibility to offer more flexibility in terms of delivery times and production capacities.

Finally, the company group benefits from an identical shareholder structure and the identical management. Thus, coordination can be reduced to a minimum even at the highest management level.

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