• Automotive industry

    JIT series production

  • Plant & machine construction

    small series and customized component solutions

  • Semi-conductor industry

    precision copper component parts

  • Medical technology

    high-precision, functional construction parts

Industry Sectors

For innovative industry sectors with high demands on precise copper component parts.

High-tech copper component parts for the

automotive industry, semi-conductor industry, medical technology and plant & machine construction.

High-tech manufacture, handicraft tradition and a high level of expertise in the most varied industrial sectors and fields of application, form the sound basis of PTS.

Many international customers from the automotive and semi-conductor sectors, medical technology as well as plant and machine engineering, put their trust in our "art of precision" - and consider PTS to be their specialist for cold forming and precision CNC manufacturing.

PTS - Precision perfected

For applications where the highest level of precision is required

Since our foundation in the year 1976, we have constantly perfected the manufacture of customer-specific copper component parts.

With this know-how, we develop individual manufacturing solutions and methodical processes for highly-precise and economically-manufactured component parts - for all sectors whose applications require the highest level of precision.

PTS – a partner in demand

for SMEs, as well as large company groups

Our customers profit from our competence in detailed production planning and conception, enabling efficient and secure part-manufacturing in large and small series.

Therefore PTS is the partner in demand for companies of repute, both domestically and abroad, where DAX-listed groups, as well as medium-sized companies, are included here.

Precision in Copper

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