Tool design & tool making

Cost efficiency realized by in-house toolmaking

The in-house toolmaking department of PTS enables rapid development and production of necessary production tools. Unnecessary coordination processes with external suppliers can be effectively eliminated. All tools and tooling can be cost-effectively designed and manufactured:

  • Complete production of all forming tools
    • Forming tools
    • Tools for cold extrusion
    • Pressing tools
    • Progressive composite dies
    • Punching tools
    • Bending tools
  • Design, manufacture and die sinking of electrodes
  • Hard machining of mold inserts, punches and dies
  • Die sinking and grinding of provided parts
  • Prototype tools

As specialist in manufacturing of advanced complex copper components for small and large series, PTS is very familiar with the development and manufacturing of the most compley tools and devices.

Werkzeugkonstruktion & Werkzeugfertigung


The machinery of the PTS is optimally equipped for complex tool production as well as for the production of simpler components where time-to-market is the decisive criterion. Modern grinding, die sinking and milling machines enable short production times, the reduction of lead times and thus fast and customer-oriented order processing.

Tool design & tool manufacturing

All components as well as all tools required for component production can be developed, designed and manufactured by PTS in-house:

  • Product development and product design
  • Tool design
  • Construction and production of pre and/or series tools
  • Design and manufacturing of production devices

PTS develops on the latest CAD / CAM systems, such as VISI CAD / CAM – of course in 3D. Tool design can be done on the basis of provided data or completely by our specialists – from tool design to prototyping and tool manufacturing. In the field of massive forming, we use a special simulation software.

Concept & Design

You have a rough idea of ​​the product, but you lack the concrete ideas for the realization? PTS creates the necessary concept for your new product - design proposals and sketches included. At the same time, PTS advises on expected component production times, optics and cost-effectiveness.

Rapid Prototyping

After completing the 3D design, PTS will gladly provide prototypes upon request. By means of 3D printing, HSC milling, thermoforming or other suitable rapid prototyping methods, products can be realized and evaluated before mass production.

Werkzeugkonstruktion & Werkzeugfertigung


Tool design

The in-house tool design of PTS develops the necessary tools using the latest CAD / CAM systems. Even the most complicated shapes can be generated quickly and easily. Speed in terms of product development and tool design is increased - the entire development time is reduced to series maturity.


In-house tooling enables short distances; Processes can be quickly adapted and optimized. PTS thus enables the highest quality and at the same time economical implementation - in tool production as well as component manufacturing.

Tool design

Tool making

In-house tool design and tooling enable us to quickly and cost-effectively develop and produce high-quality prototypes and process-stable series tools.

Precision in Copper

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On 1 January 2023, PTS Präzisionsteile GmbH was transferred to SCHWEIZER TECHNOLOGIES GmbH.

All contact persons as well as management and shareholder structure remain unchanged. We have only slightly expanded the product portfolio.

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